Volunteer at a School

Contact your local school to ask about ways you can volunteer.

Be an Involved Parent

While many factors contribute to a child’s success in school, research shows parental involvement is one of the most significant. Because of the critical role both parents and teachers play in a child’s education, the UEA asked a few of Utah’s most experienced teachers to share tips on how parents can support the efforts of teachers in the classroom.

Stay Politically Active

Like it or not, much of what happens in Utah classrooms is out of the control of teachers, parents and school administrators. Decisions about everything from curriculum and class size to budgets for classroom supplies are made by elected officials and appointed policy makers. You can make a difference by attending your party caucus meeting, voting in the primary and general elections, attending school board meetings and following activities of the Utah State Legislature.

New Video



A new video shows the connection between taxes, the economy and funding for schools.

Click here to watch the video.